Rugged Rackmount UPS Products

Energy Technologies manufactures a wide variety of UPS products due to the modularity of the product line and the diverse requirements of our clients.

Industrial Applications


ETI0001-N1 Series 1000 VA thru 6000 VA Rugged Rackmount UPS
JMCIS, DTC-2, TAC-3, NTCSA, Industrial Standard Product


ETI0001-N2 Series 1000 VA thru 24,000 VA Rugged Integrated Rackmount UPS/PDUs
SNAP III, Industrial Standard Product


ETI0001-N3 Series 1000 VA thru 6000 VA Rugged AC and DC Rackmount UPS
TAC-4, TAC-JW, Naval Surface Warfare Center Shipboard Control Systems, . AN/TPS-59 Radar Standard Product


ETI0001-N5 Series 1000 VA thru 24,000 VA Rugged Integrated Rackmount UPS/PDUs
Q-70, NSSN, Seawolf, 688 Fast Attack, IT-21, SNAP III, TAMPS,  JMOC, ADNS, MAST, Industrial Standard Product


Energy Technologies, Inc. manufactures a variety of Accessory Products to support the installation of or expand the capabilities of the various ETI main line products. If you have a specific requirement, please contact us to discuss how we can provide a highly reliable solution to your Accessory needs.

bulletAuxiliary UPS Battery Chargers
bulletPowerStation™ Rugged Rackmount or Universal Mount External UPS Battery Chargers.
bulletExpansion/Replacement UPS Battery Modules
bulletPowerStation™ Rugged Rackmount or Internal UPS Battery Modules extend UPS backup times.
bulletRugged Deployable Transit Cases
bulletThese rugged transit cases allow field deployment of ETI and other electronic equipment.
bulletRackmount Hardware
bulletRackmount slides and fixed mount bracket kits aid in installation.
bulletInterface Software
bulletPowerNet™ UPS/Operating System interface/shutdown software for UNIX, Windows NT and Novell.


The following links are for reference purposes in understanding some of the overall advantages of ETI's technology  and product design:


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