PDU Products

Energy Technologies’ forte is the design and manufacture of hardened, high reliability products for critical applications in both normal and hostile environments. ETI’s power products, available as either standard or custom versions, include AC and DC Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), Integrated Power Systems (IPS), Frequency Converters, AC Power Conditioners, AC and DC Power Distribution Units (PDU), and AC and DC Power Supplies.

PowerStation Power Distribution Units come in all shapes and sizes to meet the customer’s requirements. Features range from simplistic to sophisticated intelligence, from local control to remote control, from commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) to entirely custom.

Various US Navy Rackmount PDUs

Load controls can be a singular master or individual operation. Control choices include switches, circuit breakers or solidstate relays; single, double or triple pole. Intelligent features integrate the ability to monitor and alarm UPS operation, rack or equipment temperatures and safety interlocks. Alarms features incorporate first-out flashing LEDs, adjustable audible alarm, alarm acknowledge, and alarm contacts. Control functions include manual on/off operation or automatic shutdown via thermal or safety interlocks.

PDU built for Lockheed Martin






Energy Technologies manufactures a wide variety of Power Distribution Units (PDU) products due to the modularity of the product line and the diverse requirements of our clients.








bulletRackmount PDU
bulletPowerStation™ Rugged, Intelligent Rackmount or Universal Mount PDUs.
bulletNEMA Style PDU
bulletPowerStation Rugged PDU in various NEMA Style Enclosures
bullet Industrial Style PDU
bulletPersonalSource™ Intelligent Power Distribution Units.
bulletCustom Designs
bulletETI designs and manufactures a variety of hardened products for specific customer applications.