Part Number: ETI0001-1151
Supersedes: ETI0001-1150
NSN: 6130-01-458-1088
Multiple Output Intelligent 
Battery Charger and Battery Conditioner

Universal PowerStation™ UPS Battery Charger / Battery Conditioner
48 VDC, 72 VDC and 78 VDC Output
85-270 VAC, 46-70 Hz Input

ETI0001-1151 Battery Charger Front Panel View
P/N: ETI0001-1151 Front Panel Layout with Rack Mount Flanges
NSN: 6130-01-458-1088

ETI0001-1151 Battery Charger Rear Panel View
P/N: ETI0001-1151 Rear Panel Layout with Rack Mount Flanges

ETI uses the highest quality, maintenance-free, immobilized electrolyte, lead-acid batteries in all of its PowerStation and WorldPower™ UPS products. However as with all lead-acid batteries, there is an internal self discharge that will over time discharge the battery when not being charged. Three basic factors effect the shelf life of batteries: the charge state when stored, the storage temperature, and the length of time stored without being recharged. A battery should never be stored in a discharged state, otherwise it will form lead sulfate that permanently damages the battery. If a battery is stored fully charged at 68F (20C), then it would require a recharge at least once every six months to maintain its design life. If the storage temperature is 88F (40C), the storage time between supplementary charges is less than three months. With some projects stretching out over many months, maintaining the charge state of the batteries in the UPS can be a problem. Secondly, attempting to stock spare battery packs or modules for deployed units becomes an even more difficult task since they do not have their own charger like the UPS.

The ETI0001-1151 Charger/Conditioner is ideally suited for periodic or continuous maintenance of the batteries in the UPS as well as spare Battery Modules. Designed for either in a rack or on a bench top, the autoranging, isolated input can be used shipboard or land based worldwide.. The 1151 is specifically designed to support ETI UPS products from 1.0 kVA through 6.0 kVA, including the JMCIS, DTC-2, TAC-3 and TAC-4 UPSs. The heavy-duty chassis, occupying only 3.5 of rack space, has rounded metal corners and rugged handles, aid in safe handling. Internally, all major components are well secured and electrically insulated to prevent damage due to shock and vibration. The front panel meters and LEDs keep the operator informed as to the unit's status including charge voltage, current, and charge state. All controls and protective devices are brought to front panel and are recessed to prevent damage or accidental operation. The rear panel provides locking connectors for the input and output power. The four output connectors come with adapter cables to interface directly with the UPS units and/or with the spare battery modules. An output selector switch allows the operator to choose between the three nominal outputs. Output current is specifically regulated for optimal battery life, including compensating for ambient temperatures. 

In addition to maintaining the correct charge on the battery, the "1151" has a Battery Conditioner Section. Battery Conditioning is initiated by pressing a switch on the front panel. This starts a programmed cycle beginning with the first battery connected. It performs a gradual discharge of the battery to a specific level, then begins recharging the battery. This discharge/recharge cycle serves to freshen the battery so that it can perform better on demand. Once it has completed this cycle on the first battery connected, it starts the same cycle with each subsequent battery connected.

Overall, the 1151 provides a reliable yet simple solution to the issue of maintaining UPS batteries while in storage.

Technical Specifications:
P/N: ETI0001-1151
NSN: 6130-01-458-1088


Output voltage

48, 72 or 78 VDC nominal switch selectable

Output rating:

2 amps max, current limited

Non-linear load capacity:

Up to 100% non-linear load capability

Output voltage regulation:

intelligent voltage regulation for optimum battery charge rate

Overload surge capacity:

110% for 10 minutes; 125% for 30 seconds

Operational status:

Output voltmeter
Output ammeter
Status LEDs


Input voltage selection:

Autoranging from nominal 115 VAC to 230 VAC
+15% -25%, or 85-135 and 170-

Input frequency:

From 46 to 440 Hz

Input/output isolation:

2000 VA,120 dB common mode,<5mA leakage

Input transient suppression:

Complies with ANSI C62.41 1980, IEEE 587

Input control/protection:

Guarded 2 pole switch (S1) w/fuse (F2)

Input power connection:

MS 3102A-22-2P, 3 pin, locking,


Output circuits:

Four outputs standard

Output receptacle:

AMP CPC, 3 pin locking


Dimensions ( H x D x W ):

3.50 (2U) x 15.0 x 19.0 in (89x381x483mm)

Rack slide mount patterns:

General Devices slide pattern

Alternate Mounting Options:

Table, Wall, Floor, Portable, Horizontal/Vertical

Unit weight:

20 lb. (9 kg) with lift handles front and rear

Audible noise:

Less than 47 dB @ 5.0 ft., ANSI "A" scale

Cooling type:

Internal circulation forced air


Storage temperature:

-13 to 140 F ambient (-25 to 60 C)

Operating temperature:

50 to 104 F ambient ( 10 to 40 C)

Operating humidity:

0 to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)

Storage elevation:

Up to 40,000 ft (12,192 m)

Operating elevation:

Up to 10,000 ft (3,048 m), higher optionally


United States:

Meets UL-1778 standard for UPS equipment,
MIL STDs 810, 454 & 1399 Shock/Vib/Electrical


CSA C22.2 No. 107 UPS safety requirements

EMI Protection:


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