Our Mission

Energy Technologies, Inc. (ETI) is dedicated to providing highly reliable, yet cost effective product solutions for the computer and power conditioning requirements of critical applications including the military, industrial, medical, and telecommunications sectors.

Company Profile

Energy Technologies' (ETI) products, the Standard in rugged, high-reliability UPS, power conditioning, power distribution and rackmount computer peripherals, are used by defense, industrial, medical and telecommunications experts worldwide. These well-engineered, cost effective and rugged products meet the demands and rigors of ETI's customers. Mobile applications include shipboard, submarine, vehicular, aircraft and field deployment. Stationary applications include factories, process plants, utilities, networks, even offshore platforms and desert installations.

PowerStation™ includes intelligent UPS, power distribution units, frequency converters and battery systems. WorldPower™ versions incorporate the ability to operate from all single-phase voltages and frequencies worldwide and even from aircraft or vehicular power. AirbornePower™ is used aboard both commercial and military aircraft to provide power for Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) equipment. TelecomPower™ includes telecommunications grade DC rectifiers, chargers and battery systems. CellPower™ products are used in cellular applications. ETI's unique packaged power system, UPStart™, combines the advantages of a standby generator and an UPS. MissionCritical™ includes rugged computer chassis, drive expansion units and Redundant RAID systems with redundant power and flexible configurations. Each product is modular and may be modified to suit a particular application or integrated into a total solution and is available as either Military Standard (MilSpec) or COTS.

Total Power Protection

The PowerStation and WorldPower lines employ field proven designs with thousands of units operating worldwide in a full range of environments. ETI's UPS totally overcome ALL power problems! They even provide better quality power for your equipment than the power company. By continuously regenerating a pure AC sinewave, your load always receives the cleanest possible power under all conditions ensuring reliable operation and prolonging the life of your equipment. As a true online UPS, the PowerStation has no switching time, eliminating even the remotest chance of data loss from dangerous power gaps. If the AC power is lost, your equipment will continue running without interruption long enough for an orderly shutdown or for power to be restored. Extended battery times up to 24 hours are available.

These UPS products protect your equipment against sustained brownouts and over voltages indefinitely. Even when the input drops or rises beyond normal limits, the PowerStation regulates the output without any battery drain. This prevents nuisance alarms and shutdowns caused by most UPSs that drain the battery during brownouts. This also ensures that battery capacity is available to handle blackouts that follow brownouts.

Integrated Systems

ETI offers the advantages of highly integrated systems. PowerStation incorporates a fully rated isolation transformer and optionally an intelligent power distribution unit (PDU) in the same chassis as the UPS, saving rack space and cabling while improving overall reliability. The transformer galvanically separates the input from the output power, which is critical in applications where power grounding is nonexistent or inconsistent. The PDU provides individual local or remote control of the loads with first out alarms, safety interlocks and thermal shutdown features.

From the sedate office and control room environments to the shock and vibration of shipboard and military vehicle applications to the temperature extremes of unprotected desert installations, ETI's products have become the Standard in rugged power applications today.

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