A view of various ETI products.

ETI manufactures a variety of power conditioning and computer products with the main focus areas being:

Critical applications that require a high degree of operating reliability for data or process security;
Applications that require continuous or extended operation under all power conditions;
Applications where the equipment is subjected to harsh environmental requirements.

ETI's Rugged Products have become the Standard for High Reliability. Our products are in use around the world including:

Shipboard applications including the US Navy's surface ships and submarines;
Airborne applications including US Air Force, Coast Guard and Navy aircraft;
Ground transport applications including US Army and Joint Operations vehicles;
Mobile site applications including NATO, State Department and Marine Corps. deployment;
Petro-Chemical applications including Refineries, Off-Shore Platforms and Pipelines;
Process operations ranging from Breweries to Nuclear Power Plants.

The following links take you to the various product categories where you can find more details.

Uninterruptible Power Systems
PowerStation™, WorldPower™, openUPS™, UPStart™ and PersonalSource™ Uninterruptible Power Systems.
Power Distribution Units
PowerStation Rugged Intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDU).
Frequency Converters
PowerStation Rugged Rackmount, NEMA and Portable Frequency Converters.
DC/AC Inverters
PowerStation Rugged Rackmount, NEMA and Universal Mount Power DC/AC Inverters.
Power Conditioners
PowerStation Rugged Rackmount, NEMA and Universal Mount Power Conditioners.
DC and Telecommunications Power Systems
TelecomPower™ and CellPower™ DC and AC Power Systems.
Rugged Computer and Peripheral Enclosures
MissionCritical™ Rugged Rackmount or Universal Mount Computer and Peripheral Enclosures.
Custom Designs
ETI designs and manufactures a variety of rugged products for specific customer applications.
Includes items such as auxiliary UPS battery chargers, extended battery modules, rugged transit cases, rack slides and interface software.



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